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Adipic acid
  • Adipic acid

Adipic acid

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Other Names: Hexanedioic Acid

CAS No.: 124-04-9

MF: C6H10O4

Property:Adipic acid is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)4(COOH)2. From the industrial perspective, it is the most important dicarboxylic acid: About 2.5 billion kilograms of this white crystalline powder are produced annually, tmainly as a precursor for he production of nylon . Adipic acid otherwise rarely occurs in nature.

Uses:By far the majority of the 2.5 billion kg of adipic acid produced annually is used as monomer for the production of nylon by a polycondensation reaction with hexamethylene diamine forming 6,6-nylon.Other major applications also involve polymers: it is a monomer for production of Polyrethane and its esters are plasticizers , especially in pvc.

Packaging Detail: 500kg jumbo bag

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Appearance - White crystal power
Content % 99.80 99.70
Melting point°C - 151.9 151.5
Color of ammonia liquid (platinum, cobalt etc) - 5 5
Moisture % 0.20 0.27
Ash content mg/kg 7.0 10.0
Iron content (Fe) mg/kg 0.8 1.0
Nitric acid content mg/kg 10.0 10.0
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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