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ATMP-AminoTrimethylene Phosphonic Acid
  • ATMP-AminoTrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

ATMP-AminoTrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

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ATMP-AminoTrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

CAS No.: 6419-19-8

Alias: Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid
Molecular formula: N(CH2PO3H2)3


ATMP has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system. ATMP has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition.


Appearance: Clear, Colorless to pale yellow aqueous solution

Active acid: 50.0-51.0

Chloride (as Cl-): 1.0%max

pH value (1% solution): 2.0max

Fe,mg/L: 10.0max

Density (20°C)g/cm3: 1.31-1.35

Colour APHA (Hazen): 30.0max

Ca Sequestration (mg CaCO3/g): 450.0 min

Package: Packed in 30kg or 250kg plastic drum or as determined by users.


ATMP is usually used together with organophosphoric acid, polycarboxylic acid and salt to built all organic alkaline water treatment agent. ATMP can be used in many different circulating cool water systems. The dosage of 1-20mg/L is recommended. As corrosion inhibitor, the dosage of 20-60mg/L is preferred.

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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