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Barium Stearate
  • Barium Stearate

Barium Stearate

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Country of manufacture:China

Barium Stearate

CAS No.: 6865-35-6

Purity: 99.8%


Melting Point, 200min
Barium Content,% 20.5 -21.5
Moisture,% 1.0max
Free Fatty Acid,% 1.0
Fineness(thr. 0.075mm screen) 99.0min

Characters and Usage

They are white, fine powder, insoluble in water. When mixed with hot, strong mineral acids, they decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding Barium salts.They are widely used as lubricants, slipping agents, heat-stabilizers, mould releasing agents and accelerants in plastic, machinery engineering, rubber, paints and inks industry etc.

Packing and Storage
In net 20 kg polywoven bags. Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter.

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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