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Bismuth Ingots
  • Bismuth Ingots

Bismuth Ingots

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Bismuth Ingots

CAS No.: 7440-69-9
EC No.: 231-177-4
Density: 9.8 g/cm3

Bismuth Metal Ingots 99.99%min


Synonym: Bismuth metal; Wrought bismuth

Mole Formula: Bi

M.W.: 208.98

Appearance: Silvery white cuboid ingot

Package: In strapped fiberboard box of about 1MT net each, 60pieces loaded


Bismuth as a rare & green metal can be widely used in following industries: pharmaceuticals, alloy, metallurgical additives,chemical reagent, pigment, activator, flame-retardant, electronic ceramic, storage battery, semiconductor, superconductor, substitute of lead, nuclear materials, etc.

Specifications: (GB/T915-1995)

Indicators Specifications
Content (as Bi) 99.99% Min
Lead (as Pb) 0.001% Max
Copper (as Cu) 0.001% Max
Iron (as Fe) 0.001% Max
Zinc (as Zn) 0.0005% Max
Antimony (as Sb) 0.0005% Max
Tellurium(Te) 0.0003% Max
Arsenic (as As) 0.0003% Max
Chloride (as Cl) 0.0015% Max
Silver (as Ag) 0.004% Max
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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