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金属粉末和金属粉末产品 Bismuth Powder
  • 金属粉末和金属粉末产品 Bismuth Powder

金属粉末和金属粉末产品 Bismuth Powder

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金属粉末和金属粉末产品 Bismuth Powder

Bismuth Metal Powder
Use: Widely used for manufacturing the bismuth products and bismuth alloys.

Property: Light grey powder

Particle Size: 100mesh-200mesh-300mesh

Storage: Should be stored in shady, cool and ventilated warehouse. Kept far awayfrom fire, heat source and acid. No smoking in the workplace. Fire fightingequipment such as extinguisher should be available. Should be stored invacuum encapsulation in case of being oxidized.

Attention in usage: The powder is innoxious and no harmful to health. While using, please avoid dust cloud formation, keep clear of acid and keep away from fire in case of exploding.


Chemical Compositionwt.%
Bi ≥ 99.0 Fe < 0.15
Si < 0.03 Al < 0.02
Mg < 0.015 Zn < 0.002
Cu < 0.02 Ni < 0.01
Cr < 0.02 Mn < 0.01
Pb < 0.001 Co < 0.001
O < 0.60 BiO < 0.10
BiC < 0.06
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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