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CMS-Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch
  • CMS-Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch

CMS-Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch

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CMS-Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch

CAS No.:9063-38-1


1. colorless, tasteless, and nontoxic, quickly and easily dissolved in hot or cold water, forming a colorless transparent colloidal liquid.

2. With no un-dissolved substance or stratifications during quite a long period;

3. With high viscosity, good penetrability, rheology and compatibility;

4. There is no limit in production conditions, good performance of temperature resistance, salt resistance, and light resistance, also having good affinity and retention for water.

5. It keeps stable and not mildew in alkaline and weak acidic solution.

6. It has better biodegradability.


Acted as disintegrantt or excipient: the CMS of per-extraction lamella with 3%, semi-extraction lamella with 1.5%, it can shorten disintegration time, and improve the rigidity of tablet. It's effect of disintegrating will be good if adding 2% CMS when it be used in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory extract tablets. And at removing extraction lamella, it's effect of disintegrating will be good if the CMS's dosage with lamella heavy 8% time(half intra-plus,and the other moiety plus at processing). The disintegrate effect of the CMS is 10 times of CMC.

It can be widely used in textile, dye printing, paper making, building materials, mediceine, adhesives, ore dressing ,casting, rubber, ceramics, oil well drilling, waste water treatment, daily-use chemicals, agriculture and landscaping etc.

Our company's carboxyl methyl starch ether, was made from high quality potato starch as raw material, using high-tech & innovation and patented equipment to produce an environment-friendly.


Item Low viscosity Moderate viscosity High-viscosity Superviscosity
Appearance White or yellowish powder
Particle Size(mesh) 10-100 10-100 10-100 10-100
Loss on drying ≤12% ≤12% ≤12% ≤12%
PH (1%) 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13
(D.S) 0.2-0.4 0.5-0.6 0.6-0.8 0.8-1.0

(mpa.s,4% solution)

8000-15000 15000-20000 20000-35000 ≥50000
(1000 r/min)Solubility 20min≥95% 20min≥95% 20min≥95% 20min≥95%
Packing 25kg

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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