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Copper sulfate
  • Copper sulfate

Copper sulfate

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Copper sulfate

CAS No: 7758-98-7

Other name:Copper Sulfate Monohydrate
Purity: 96-98%
HS Code: 2833250000
Appearance: The blue chip department of crystallization

Property: Copper Sulphate can soluble in water and diluted acetic acid. The solution appears as weak acidity. It will be effloresces slowly in dry air, and its surface will become white powder substance. Copper Sulphate will lose four crystal water when heated to 110, and will be changed into white copper sulfate anhydrous which is easy to absorb water when the temperature is higher than 150


(1)Electroplating industry
(2) Hardware industry
(3) Chemical industry: Used in the manufacture of copper salt leaching, copper chloride, cuprous chloride and cuprous oxide, etc.
(4) Dyestuff industry: Used in the prodection of copper sheet azo dyes. Such as blue complexing agent. Dye intermediates of catalysts.
(5) Water treatment industry.

Package: 25kg in PP bag

Specification of copper sulphate pentahydrate
Appearance Bule power Test reslut
Purity (%≥ ) 98 98.69
Cu (%≥ ) 25 25.12
Pb (%≤ ) 0.002 0.0010
As (%≤ ) 0.002 0.0012
Cb (%≤ ) 0.002 0.0012
Free acid(%≤ ) 0.3 0.18
Insoluble (%≤ ) 0.2 0.12
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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