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DMF-Dimethyl Formamide
  • DMF-Dimethyl Formamide

DMF-Dimethyl Formamide

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DMF-Dimethyl Formamide


DMF is an important organic material and good solvent. It is used as solvent for man-made leather and chemical fiber, also used as material for synthesis of insecticide of high-effectiveness and low-toxicity, as gas absorbent to separate and purify the gas in petrochemical industry, as material of sulfadiazine, cortisone and Vitamin B6 in pharmaceutical industry, and also as fixing agent in vapor-phase analysis


Index name Unit Top grade
Appearance Clear, without suspension
Purity % 99.9Min
Chroma (PT-CO) 10Max
Boils regulation 153±2°C(760mmHg) % 95Min
Moisture PPM 500Max
Fe PPM 0.05Max
Acidity PPM 50Max
Alkalinity PPM 15Max
Methyl formate PPM 50Max
Methanol PPM 40Max
PH value (20% Aq. solution) 6.5-9.0
Index of refraction ND20 1.4270-1.429
Electrical conductivity(25 °C,20% Aq. solution) Us/CM 15Max

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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