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Ferroniobium alloy
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Ferroniobium alloy 1.Composition:Fe,Nb+Ta,Ta,Al,Si,C,S,P,W,Mn,Sn,Pb,As,Sb,Bi,Ti 2.Brand:FeNb70,FeNb60-A, 3.Material:Ferro niobium concentrate Application: Ferro niobium is applied to steel making and founding as additive. Properties: We add niobium to stainless and heat resistant steel so as...
Group: Ferroniobium
Ferro molybdenum
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Ferromolybdenum Composition:Fe,Mn,Si,S,P,C,Cu,Sb,Sn Brand:FeMo70,FeMo70Cu1, Size range:10 to 150mm Make stainless,heatresistant steel Application:FERROMOLYBDENUM is mainly used to add molybdenum to steel in steel making. Molybdenum is mixed with other alloy elements to be widely used to make...
Group: Ferromolybdenum
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Ferrotungsten Application:Used for additive in steel-making Shape:ferrotungsten should be delivered in lump or powder whose size range is from 10 to 130mm. the amount of debris whose size is less than 10mm×10mm should not exceed 5% of the total mass of this batch of products. Package:100kg per...
Group: Ferrotungsten
Ferro vanadium
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Ferrovanadium Ferrovanadium is a significant additive in steelmaking industry. Brief introduction: Ferrovanadium which consists of vanadium and iron is widely used in steelmaking as the alloy additive,high-vanadium Ferrovanadium could be used as the additive in the non-ferrous alloy.The most...
Group: Ferrovanadium


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