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Functional food additives

Sodium Nitrite
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Sodium Nitrite Property white or light yellow prismatic crystal,density 2.168,melting point 271 ,It can inflammation and explosive while mixed with orgnic compound .It has oxidation and reduction susceptibility ,easy become diazoamino compounds with amino under low tempreture. Use making...
Group: Foodstuffs sodium nitrite
Sodium Alginate
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Sodium Alginate Other Name:named sodium algin or algal glue HS Code: 302391200 Molecular Formula: C5H7O4COONa Molecular Weight:216. Appearance: Straw yellow or filemot inconstancy power, and it's also typical hydrophilic sol. Description:White or light yellow, vagiform power, odorless,...
Group: Sodium alginate
Calcium Alginate,pharmaceutical calcium alginate
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Calcium Alginate , pharmaceutical calcium alginate Molecular formula : [(C 6 H 7 O 6 ) 2 Ca] n Properties : White to yellowish powder, odorless and tasteless, insoluble in water. Uses: Often used in food industry,welding electrode,plastifier and wet state binder. Calcium Alginate is a...
Group: Sodium alginate
Potassium alginate
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Potassium alginate CAS No:.9005-36-1 Molecular Formula:(C6H7KO6)n Appearance:White or ligjt yellow powder. Uses: Potassium alginate is widely used in foods as a stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier. Its use as a pharmaceutical excipient is currently limited to experimental hydrogel systems....
Group: Sodium alginate


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