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Furfuryl alcohol
  • Furfuryl alcohol

Furfuryl alcohol

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Furfuryl alcohol
CAS No. 98-00-0
Molecular formula: C5H6O2
Melting point: 65


Furfuryl alcohol is manufactured industrially by the catalytic reduction of furfural which is obtained from corncobs and sugar cane bagasse. It finds use as a solvent, but is primarily used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various chemical products such as foundry resins, adhesives, and wetting agents.

Packing: 230kg 240kg iron drum; 80 drums per 20ft container

Furfuryl Alcohol
Items Standard
First grade Second grade
Furfurly alcohol, % 98 Min 95 Min
Moisture, % 0.5 Max 1.0 Max
Furfural, % 1.0 Max 2.0 Max
Acetic Acid, % 0.05 Max 0.05 Max

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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