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Calcium fluoride Powder
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Calcium fluoride CAS number:7789-75-5 Purity:95%;96%;97% Usages: Widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, enamel and cement, etc Packing: It is packed in woven bag lined with plastic bag. Net weight: 25kg/bag. Specification Name Special grade(%) Analytically...
Group: Ammonium fluoride
Europium oxide
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Europium oxide Formula:Eu2O3 CAS NO:1308-96-9 Solubility:insoluble in water,moderately soluble in strong mineral acids Stability:slightly hygroscopic Application: It is mainly used for manufacturing of TV fluorescent phosphors,and also it is used as the activating agent of X-ray...
Group: Europium
Lanthanum oxide
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Lanthanum oxide Formula:La2O3 Solubility:insoluble in water Application: Mainly used in making the camera, microscope, the optical glass and optical fiber.In the electronic ceramics industry as well as catalyst preparation, it is also a certain purpose. Packing: Inner packing with double...
Group: Lanthanum
Ferro vanadium
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Ferrovanadium Ferrovanadium is a significant additive in steelmaking industry. Brief introduction: Ferrovanadium which consists of vanadium and iron is widely used in steelmaking as the alloy additive,high-vanadium Ferrovanadium could be used as the additive in the non-ferrous alloy.The most...
Group: Ferrovanadium
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Ferrotungsten Application:Used for additive in steel-making Shape:ferrotungsten should be delivered in lump or powder whose size range is from 10 to 130mm. the amount of debris whose size is less than 10mm×10mm should not exceed 5% of the total mass of this batch of products. Package:100kg per...
Group: Ferrotungsten
Silver Mercury
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Silver Mercury CAS NO.:7439-97-6 Packing:34.5kg/iron flask Specification: Item Inspection value Content of Mercury % min 99 Total Residue volatilization % max 0.001 Fe % max 0.0002% Other heavy metals % max ...
Group: Mercury
Copper Cathode
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Copper Cathode Cu 99.96- 99.99 % Thickness0.5 to 2.5mm width 600to1500mm length as per your requirement Application: for air conditioning and refrigeration service Size: 914mm X 914mm X 12mm (appr.)(36X 36 X 0.5) Weight of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1% Net weight of each pallet: 2M/T +/-...
Group: Electrolytic copper
Zinc Ash-Zinc dust
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Zinc Ash-Zinc dust CAS No: 7740-68-6 Application: Zinc ash is mainly used for refining of metal zinc or zinc salts as well as the synthesis of other synthetic chemical fertilizers etc. Packing:50kg plastic woven bags lined with polythene bags, inside with plastic coating bags or 1000kg big...
Group: Zinc dust
Aluminum Powder
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Aluminum Powder Al:98.5% Fe:0.3Si:0.2 Cu:0.1 H2O:0.1 (%) 100-200 mesh 200-300mesh -300mesh Silver-gray appearance, no adulterant, not be clot, low water, long time storage Application: Paint, coating, handicrafts, electronic products, furniture and so on. Specification: Product...
Group: Aluminum Powders
Ferro molybdenum
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Ferromolybdenum Composition:Fe,Mn,Si,S,P,C,Cu,Sb,Sn Brand:FeMo70,FeMo70Cu1, Size range:10 to 150mm Make stainless,heatresistant steel Application:FERROMOLYBDENUM is mainly used to add molybdenum to steel in steel making. Molybdenum is mixed with other alloy elements to be widely used to make...
Group: Ferromolybdenum
Ferroniobium alloy
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Ferroniobium alloy 1.Composition:Fe,Nb+Ta,Ta,Al,Si,C,S,P,W,Mn,Sn,Pb,As,Sb,Bi,Ti 2.Brand:FeNb70,FeNb60-A, 3.Material:Ferro niobium concentrate Application: Ferro niobium is applied to steel making and founding as additive. Properties: We add niobium to stainless and heat resistant steel so as...
Group: Ferroniobium
PVC Processing Aid ACR 530
In stock 
PVC Processing Aid ACR 530 ProcessingAid ACR series products are the new generation of acrylic acid fats PVC plastication,promote material melt body intensity,increase product varnish,and improve out door ageing,It is mainly applicable foamingque sheet material Application features: 1.Promote...
Group: Polyvinylchloride
Polyethylene wax-PE WAX
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Polyethylene wax-PE WAX CAS No.: 9002-88-4 MF: [C2H4]n Purity: 99.9 Type: PVC Lubricant white power: white flake Characteristic Low adhesive, high softening point and good hardness with stable chemical characteristics of good heat stability, good dispersion performance, no poison, no...
Group: Polyethylene wax
Dysprosium oxide
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Dysprosium oxide Formula:Dy2O3 CAS NO.:1308-87-8 Appearance:white powder Solubility:insoluble in water,moderately soluble in strong mineral acids Stability:slightly hygroscopic Appplication: rare earth oxide:it is used as the raw materialsin making of metal dysprosium,as the additives of...
Group: Dysprosium


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