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Indium powder
  • Indium powder

Indium powder

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Indium powder

Appearance: Silvery

Molecular Weight: 114.82,

Density: 7.31g/cm3

Melting Point:156.61°C

Resistivity: 8.37 mΩ cm

Package: 1kg/Plastic bottle


Indium powder :In 99.99% 100mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 200mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 300mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 450mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 600mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 800mesh

Indium powder :In 99.99% 1000mesh(or as requested)

Application: It is particularly used as a sealing material in vacuum area and also as a bonding material in acoustic transducers. Indium is also widely used in Electronic Conductive Adhesives . manufacturing of "fusible" materials, a range of alloys(such as bearing alloy, low-melting alloy, anti-corrosion alloy, dental alloy, and alloy coat )and can be used as thermal fuses and solders, Lead-free solder paste, Electronic Conductive Adhesives .

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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