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Mineral oxides

Aluminum Sulphate
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Aluminum Sulphate 1.CAS No.: 10043-01-3 MF: Al2(SO4)3. SO4 EINECS No.: 233-135-0 HS CODE: 2833220000 2.Application: water treatment , fertilizer 3.Use: used for the manufacturing of wood -pulp,paper,alum,aluminium salt, printing ink,lubricant,boiler cleaning agent,satin...
Group: Sulfate of aluminium technical
Chrome Oxide Green
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Chrome Oxide Green 1.CAS No.: 1308-38-9 2.MF: Cr2O3 3.EINECS No.: 215-160-9 4.Style: Inorganic Pigment 5.Molecular Weight: 151.9904 6.Appearance: There are usually two kinds of hue: shallow olive green and dark olive greenwith a metal lustre. 7.Application: use in Pigment,...
Group: Chromium oxide
Cupric Oxide
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Cupric Oxide 1.CAS No. :1317-38-0 MF:CuO Purity :99% Appearance:Black Packaging Details:5kg per bag 2.Materialize character: Dissoluble in water and ethanol. Dissoluble in diluent acid, ammonium chloride and potassuim cyanide.Dissolve slowly in ammoniacal liquor 3.Application: magnetic...
Group: Oxychloride of copper
Cerium oxide
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Cerium oxide Ceo2/tre:99.9%-9.999% Formula:CeO2 Appearance: Light yellow powder or white power Application: Mainly used as the glass decolorizing agent and the glass polishing powder.Also used as the raw material in making Metal cerium.High purity cerium dioxide is very important in the...
Group: Cerium oxide


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