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Nickel powder
  • Nickel powder

Nickel powder

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Nickel powder

Properties: Grey powder with irregular form


Mainly used in Ni-Cr and Ni-H battery, filter, war industry, agglomerant for high density and melting point materials, powder metallurgy's additive, precision alloyetc.

Usage Widely used in electrode materials, catalysts of chemical industry,
magnetic materials, contact materials and powder metallurgy of diamond tools,hard alloys and hightemperature alloys.
Property: Grey powder with irregular form
Particle Size -200mesh, -300mesh ( Ni powder ) 1~2 micron ( Fine Ni powder )&le0.5 micron ( Super fine Ni powder )
Bulk Density 1 .0 ~ 1.7 g/cc ( Ni powder ) 0 .6 ~ 0.8 g/cc ( Fine / Super fine Nipowder )
Composition Ni≥99.6 Pb<0.002 Co<0.10 Si<0.01 Fe<0.03
Cu<0.03 Mn<0.0015 Zn<0.001 Mg<0.01 Ca<0.03
O<0.20 Na<0.01 S<0.002 C<0.03

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