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Zinc Oxide used in rubber industry
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Zinc oxide(indirect) Molecular Formula: ZnO Molecular Weight: 81.37 CAS No. 1314-13-2 H. S. Code: 28170010 Purpose: Mainly used as strengthening agent for rubber products, secondary accelerator for sulphurate rubber, reinforcing agent for coating material, material for hard glass, optical...
Group: Zinc Oxide
Cobalt Oxide
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Cobalt Oxide 1. CAS No.: 1307-96-6 2. Appearance: Black Powder 3. Purity: 72%, 74% 4. Packing: 25KG Iron Drums Usage:mainly used in horniness alloy, magnetic materials, enamel coloring and ceramics pigment. Properties: A kind of odourless, insipid and black powder; insoluble in water,...
Group: Cobalt oxide
Yttrium oxide
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Yttrium oxide Formula:Y2O3 CAS NO:1314-36-9 Application: Used in making RE phosphors, TV phosphors, computer display phosphors, applied in the production of steel and iron and the non-ferrous metal alloy, chemical additive etc. Packing:Inner packing with double sealed film bag,each bag is 50...
Group: Yttrium oxide
Nickel oxide
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Nickel oxide Molecular formula:NiO Molecular weight:74.70 Usage: It is mainly used as stainer for glass, ceramic and porcelain. Also, it is used for magnetic material, metallurgy, kinescope, inorganic nickel salts and nickel-mediated catalytic reactions. Packing: 50kg and/or 25kg per iron...
Group: Nickel oxide
Zinc borate
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Zinc borate Brief introduction The boron is one of the earliest used fire retardants, it also is an important inorganic fire retardant, and the characteristics are good thermostability, low toxicity, and smoke suppressioning. It may have great effect when mixes together with other fire...
Group: Zinc Oxide


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