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Polystyrene-GPPS Resin Virgin Granules
  • Polystyrene-GPPS Resin Virgin Granules

Polystyrene-GPPS Resin Virgin Granules

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Polystyrene- GPPS Resin Virgin Granules


Medical packaging, petri dishes, displaying stands, Cups,tableware,stationery,container,audio&video packaging, Foamed insulation boards, electronic device insulation material, refrigerator internal parts,white background products, Medical articles,refrigerator internal parts,stationery,disposable cups,beads, Poster boards,cosmetics packaging,foam articles,BOPS, CD boxes, medical articles, refrigerator crisper, vending cups, Household items, bathroom cabinet, furniture part, Cassettes, CD boxes, daily packaging, Toys,frames,storage boxes,daily packaging,Thin-walled injection molding products, Yogurt cups, electronic component trays, disposable cups, vegetable and meat trays, electrical appliance shell,High-grade Injection molding applications.


Item Unite Value Test Method
Melt Flow Rate (200°C,5kg) g/10min 4.8 ISO: 1133/ 1997
Density kg/m3 1030 ISO: 1183/ 1987
Vicat Softening Temperature °C≥ 90 ISO: 306/ 1994
HDT °C≥ 80 ISO: 75-2/ 1993
Izod notched impact strength/23°C J/m 125 ISO: 180/ 1993
Izod impact strength/23°C J/m 1150 ISO: 180/ 1993
Tensile stress at yield MPa 25 ISO: 527-2/ 1993
Tensile strain at break % 50 ISO: 527-2/ 1993
Flexural modulus Mpa 1700 ISO: 178/ 1993

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