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Rare scattered metals

Rhenium Powder
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Rhenium Powder Re 99.99% Min (Calculated by subtractive method) Appearance: Dark grey powder Common uses: As an additive for super-alloy; production of sheet foil, strip or wire for various industrial application. Total metallic impurities: <100ppm Metallic impurities content:(%,Max) ...
Group: Rhenium powder and dust
Tellurium Ingot
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Tellurium Ingot Physical character: Atomic Weight: 127.60 Electronegative: 2.01 Density: ρ=6.25 g/cm3 Melting Point: mp: 452 °C Boiling Point: bp: 1390 °C Bandwidth: 0.35 eV Packing: in plywood cases. Machine: ICP-MS Form: Powder -200mesh, Shot: 0.5-2.0mm Usage:It is mainly used in...
Group: Tellurium
Indium Trioxide
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Indium Trioxide CAS: 1312-43-2 White Powder Package:1kg/bag Particle Size: 4-7um Features :The powder colored white to light yellow, red when it be heated. Application: It is widely used in colored glasses, ceramics and chemical reagent production fields. In recent years, indium oxide is...
Group: Indium
Gallium oxide
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Gallium oxide Physical properties: Formula: Ga2O3 Molecular weight: 187.44 CAS:12024-21-4 Appearance: white crystal powder Application: Gallium oxide is a kind of broadband semiconductor, a transparent semiconductor material. It has broad prospects for application in the optoelectronic...
Group: Gallium
Selenium powder
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Selenium powder CAS:7782-49-2 Purity: 99.5% Min Packing 25kg/iron drum Specifications Purity: 99.5%Min Se 99.90Min Fe 0.001Max As 0.003Max Te 0.001Max Pb 0.002Max Cu 0.001Max Hg ...
Group: Selenium
Indium powder
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Indium powder Appearance: Silvery Molecular Weight: 114.82, Density: 7.31g/cm3 Melting Point:156.61°C Resistivity: 8.37 mΩ cm Package: 1kg/Plastic bottle Specifications: Indium powder :In 99.99% 100mesh Indium powder :In 99.99% 200mesh Indium powder :In 99.99% 300mesh Indium powder...
Group: Indium
Indium ingot
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Indium ingot Dimension:500g/pcs color:Silver white Density:7.31g/cm3 Packing:500g/ingot,20~25kg/case Weight:500g per ingot Application: Indium is a lustrous silvery white element,it is widely used in fabricating works,and used for many cryogenics and vacuum applications. Indium uses have...
Group: Indium


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