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Sodium Carbonate-Soda Ash
  • Sodium Carbonate-Soda Ash

Sodium Carbonate-Soda Ash

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1.Product Name: Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
CAS No.: 497-19-8
HS Code:

2.Property: Soda ash is a hygroscopic product, absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, forming acid salt NaHCO3. It cakes, when stored in the open air. Water solutions of soda ash have a strong alkali reaction.

3.Application: The most important use is in the manufacture of glass. Also used as a relatively strong base in various settings, an electrolyte in chemistry, removing flesh in taxidermy, a water softerner and to be used in dyeing with fiber-reactive dyes etc.

Specification Soda Ash Light Soda Ash Dense
Na2Co3 99.2 min 99.2% min
Chloride Content 0.70% max 0.70% min
Iron Content (As Fe) 0.004% max 0.004% max
Water Insoluble Matter 0.03% max 0.03% max
Loss on Ignition 0.8% max -----
Bulk Density(g/ml): -------- 0.90 min
Fineness(180um residue on sieve): -------- 70.0% min
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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