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Sodium chlorate
  • Sodium chlorate

Sodium chlorate

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Sodium chlorate
White powder
Used in water purification, Textile, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals...

CAS No.:7775-09-9

EINECS No.: 231-887-4

Item Quality Index
Sodium Chlorate Content (%)≥ 99.5
Moisture(%)≤ 0.03
Water-Insouble Matter(%) ≤ 0.01%
Chloride(asNaCl,%)≤ 0.15%
Sulphate (as SO4,%)≤ 0.01%
Chromate(as Cr,%)≤ 0.01%
Ferrous(as Fe, %)≤ 0.005%
Appearance White crystal powder

Packing: 25kgs or 1Mt woven plastic bag padded with vinyl bag.

Sodium chlorate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula (NaClO3). When pure, it is a white crystalline powder that is readily soluble in water. It is hygroscopic. It decomposes above 250 °C to release oxygen and leave sodium chloride.

It is used for Herbicides and Chemical oxygen generation.

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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